Cactus Garden at Ethel M

Cactus garden The Ethel M Chocolate company has a cactus garden that they decorate for the holidays. I have to admit that it’s pretty strange to be walking around in short sleeves among cactus during Christmas time.

Epic Burger at Hash House A Go Go

Burger Possibly the most epic and amazing burger I’ve ever eaten. Two 8oz beef patties stuffed with bacon strips and bacon-filled mashed potatoes, topped with cheese, lettuce, onions and more bacon. Incredible. Hooray for Hash House a Go Go!

Welcome to Las Vegas

Vegas Welcome to Sin City, my home away from home for the next week.

View from the Hotel

View from the hotel The view from our hotel room in Vegas.

Kindle Fire Software Update 6.2.1

Kindle Fire Update Amazon released an update for the Kindle Fire today aimed at fixing some of the bugs and interface frustrations people were complaining about. The update brings the Fire’s software to version 6.2.1 and so far does seem to be a noticeable improvement. Touch responses are far more accurate, and everything feels snappier in general. If your device doesn’t automatically prompt you to update, you can do it manually by downloading the file from Amazon. Read On → Has Moved Into a New, Faster Home

You may have noticed when you came to this page that the site is loading a lot faster than it has in recent weeks. I’ve moved to a new server - one that’s all mine! Ok, so I don’t own the actual hardware, but I purchased a virtual server that gives me dedicated resources that I don’t have to share with anyone else. The result, combined with better software that takes advantage of the new server’s abilities, is a much faster and more reliable site. Read On →

Vegas, Baby!

This year for Christmas and New Year’s the whole family is going to Las Vegas. My parents have been once before, but for the rest of us it will be the first time. In addition to the normal Vegas Strip activities we’ll be checking out things outside the city. I plan to post pictures and updates while we’re out there. If you have any tips on things we shouldn’t miss, please leave a comment. Read On →

How To Configure Your Yubikey for Maximum Usefulness & Security

For many months I’ve been using a Yubikey as a staple of my cyber security plan. It makes me exponentially more secure and at the same time makes it easier for me to stay secure. The only part of it that isn’t drop-dead simple is the configuration, though even that isn’t very difficult. I’m going to show you step by step how to configure your Yubikey to get the most out of it and set yourself up for success. Read On →

Natalia's New Exterior Lights

After the bulb sockets in my car’s corner lights and the turn signal socket in one of my tail lights went bad, I decided it was time to replace a number of the exterior lights on her. I replaced everything except the headlights, which are the OEM units from the factory (I really like the OEM HIDs, so I see no need to swap them out). The first thing I replaced was my corner lights. Read On →

My New Callsign: W3RTX

As of yesterday, I have a new callsign: W3RTX. My original callsign, KB3MMY, is no longer in use. You’ll notice that all amateur radio content on this site now falls under W3RTX. Why the change? Perhaps the biggest reason was that I just wanted a vanity callsign. It’s goofy, I know, but I thought it would be cool to pick my own callsign. I also wanted one that wouldn’t indicate when I got licensed, and that I’m relatively new to ham radio. Read On →