Westboro Bapist Church Coming to Annapolis, Counter-Protest Organized

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced that they will be protesting in Annapolis on January 2, 2013 from 8-9am: The Westboro Baptist Church’s entry on their schedule for Annapolis on January 2, 2013. I have provided a screenshot instead of a link to their site as I’ve been informed that they get money from donors for every hit their site receives. Their protest is in response to the homosexual couples who will be at the court house to get married. Continue reading »

Let's Encourage Voter Turnout with a Tax Incentive

Last week I wrote a post about my issue with the notion that there’s no point in voting because votes don’t count. The right to vote as a citizen of the United States is one of the most incredible aspects of our system of government. Not only do we get to have a voice in our governance, but the collective decisions made by the People with said voice is acted upon, without prejudice, by our elected officials. Continue reading »

Shorter Posts are Better

I’ve started posting here with greater frequency as of late, which has made me remember how much I enjoy doing so. I’ve also started reading more personal blogs of friends and online acquaintances, and I’ve noticed something that hadn’t really dawned on me before: shorter posts are better. Part of the problem I’ve had with writing regularly is the amount of time and effort involved in crafting a full blog post. Continue reading »

Voting Today is For More Than Just the President

I doubt anyone thinks that this is a throwaway election with nothing at stake. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, the stakes are high and the arguments heated. Yet as with every election, there’s a segment of the electorate who isn’t going to vote, for a variety of reasons. What seems - especially recently - to be the most cited reason is that individual votes don’t matter (unless you’re in a swing state, perhaps). Continue reading »

My Thoughts on the Nexus 4

Nexus 4 This is a first for me on this blog: a post about a phone. I’ve written posts about specific devices (even ones that don’t yet exist) before, but I haven’t gone down the smartphone rabbit trail. I’m breaking that pattern. On Monday Google announced their latest additions to the Nexus line. I already have a Nexus 7, so their update to that product wasn’t very interesting to me. Nor was the Nexus 10, despite its impressive specs, since I’m just not looking for a tablet that big (part of the reason I’ve not bothered with an iPad). Continue reading »

Hurricane Sandy: Live Blog

Storm projection for Hurricane Sandy The Mid Atlantic region is getting ready for this season’s hurricane: Sandy. As of Friday morning (26 October, 2012) the storm is projected to make landfall on the east coast of the United States somewhere between the Chesapeake Bay and Long Island. Meteorologists are also suggesting that Sandy may combine with a nor’easter currently developing to create a much more powerful hybrid storm. Extensive damage, power outages and flooding are expected, with high winds, hurricane-force gusts and torrential rainfall that could last as much as a couple of days. Continue reading »

Social Engineering & Cyber Security: What Military Leaders Should Take from Kevin Mitnick's Presentation

Kevin Mitnick Kevin Mitnick, the infamous hacker and social engineer turned security consultant, gave a presentation at this year’s History Conference at the Naval Academy today. He gave numerous examples of extracting information from people and companies by using their own trust and knowledge against them. His demonstrations likely startled many of the audience members with the range of methodologies and, more importantly, the success rate. Some may look at the seemingly endless list of ways attackers can obtain what they’re looking for and throw their hands up in despair. Continue reading »

Nexus 7: Pictures

Nexus 7 My office ordered a Nexus 7 tablet, which I’ll be using. It arrived this week, and so far I’m pretty blown away by it. I’m not going to go into too many details about features and day-to-day with it yet, but I figured I’d provide some pictures.

First Trip to Boston Island in 2012

Our house on Boston Island This weekend I’ll make my first trip of the season to Boston Island. It will mostly consist of cutting down trees and other maintenance, but any trip to the Island is well worth it. As I usually do, I’ll make an effort to post pictures and updates while I’m there. I’ll also be posting stuff via Twitter. I’ll also post some stuff on the island’s web site, so be sure to check that out as well. Continue reading »
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