CG Remember: Remembering our Fallen Coast Guard Shipmates and their Families

CG Remember logo It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything Coast Guard on here, but friend and fellow Coastie Ryan Erickson sent me a piece about CG Remember, a program dedicated to remembering those Coast Guardsmen and women who have fallen in service to their country, which I felt should be shared with my readers. I won’t go into any further detail about it since Ryan covers that in his words below. Continue reading »

Google Reader's Death is a Great Opportunity for a New Open Source Project to be Born

Google Reader shutdown message It’s official: Google Reader is dying. Citing declining usage, Google announced this afternoon that their RSS aggregator tool will be shut down on July 1st. It’s had a good run since its launch in 2005, but it’s time to shutter the proverbial doors. Google also says Reader has a loyal following, which makes sense: it’s the best web-based RSS reader available, and everyone I know who uses RSS to keep up-to-date uses it. Continue reading »

Winter Storm Saturn: Annapolis Area Updates and Resources

Snow The Washington, DC area is expecting some snow over the next 24-36 hours, and while accumulations won’t be significant (less than 12 inches), it’s likely to cause some disruptions. BGE is pre-positioning assets in preparation for power outages, and local emergency management agencies are setting up shelters and posting preparedness reminders. Annapolis & Anne Arundel County aren’t likely to see more than a few inches so the impact should be minimal, but it’s best to be ready nonetheless. Continue reading »

President Obama Comes to Annapolis

President Obama steps off Marine One at the Naval Academy President Obama came to Annapolis today to meet with Democratic senators. He came on Marine One and landed at the Naval Academy, right outside my office. One of my coworkers had a DSLR with them and was able to get some good pictures of the President’s arrival. Marine One lands at the Naval Academy President Obama walks to his limousine from Marine One After he had finished his business, he came back to the Naval Academy, boarded Marine One, and headed back to Washington. Continue reading »

AFC Championship 2012: Disappointing Outcome, Amazing Experience

Gillette Stadium We’re home from Foxboro after a full weekend of football and partying. It was an excellent weekend, despite a disappointing loss for the Patriots. We got to Patriot Place around 1:30 on Sunday, and began our tailgating. We didn’t have much in the way of tailgate equipment beyond the beer we picked up, but were near some groups that had all sorts of stuff - including a TV running on a car battery that enabled us to watch the NFC Championship game. Continue reading »

AFC Championship 2012: The Adventure Begins

I’m in Providence getting ready to head up to Gillette Stadium for the Patriots-Ravens showdown. By a stroke of luck I managed to get a ticket Friday and drove up with some friends Saturday afternoon. The trip is off to a good start already, including some night club adventures in Federal Hill and the craziest cab ride I’ve ever taken. As my friend Michael pointed out, Providence definitely has the worst drivers in America. Continue reading »

Counter-Protest of Westboro Baptist Church in Annapolis [Photos & Video]

Counter-protesters This morning the Westboro Baptist Church staged a protest outside the Anne Arundel County Courthouse in Annapolis, MD. They came because today was the first day same sex marriages were officially legal, and could be conducted at the courthouse. Citizens from all over the area came out to counter-protest, and show support for the couples exercising their newly granted right. Members of Westboro Baptist Church demonstrating outside Anne Arundel County Courthouse in Annapolis, MD. Continue reading »

Welcome to 2013

Here we are, starting another year. A moment when people typically contemplate and reminisce about the past 12 months, and ponder the upcoming 12 months. A time when resolutions to improve oneself are common, a few of which may actually happen. I’m optimistic about 2013. For me 2012 was a good year, with lots of positive change. I think 2013 will continue that trend. So here’s to a great 2012, and excitement for the coming year. Continue reading »

Open Wireless Movement: Why You Should Join

Let’s face it: these days it’s pretty tough to get things done without the Internet. Most people have at least one computer, and an increasing number of people have smartphones and tablets. Most of these devices become pretty useless without Internet connectivity, yet despite the massive proliferation of Wifi and 3G/4G, it can be difficult to find wireless access outside of your usual stomping grounds - especially if you don’t have a data plan with a cell carrier. Continue reading »
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