Hi! I’m Christiaan. I write code, blog, and tinker with cars. Coding The first code I ever wrote was some very basic HTML with my brother Sean in middle school on an old Compaq desktop. I was hooked pretty much immediately, captivated by the fact that I could quickly make pages that, at the time, resembled some actual websites I used (this was 2002). From there I started learning more about HTML, CSS, and a little later started dabbling in PHP.


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This is where you used to find my contact form, but I removed it since I mostly only got spam. Sorry about that. I’m working on another way for people to get in touch with me, stay tuned.

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W3RTX is the amateur radio callsign belonging to Christiaan Conover. Christiaan has been a ham radio operator since August 5, 2005 after passing the Technician class test at the Boy Scout National Jamboree, and was issued the callsign KB3MMY. In November 2011 Christiaan changed his callsign to W3RTX. Christiaan got his first radio in 2007, and was a member of the Falmouth Amateur Radio Association through 2009. When operating, Christiaan typically monitors the following frequencies: