The Best Reads of 2013

Best reads of 2013

This year I started a recurring segment on my blog, to catalog my favorite articles from around the web.

It seems fitting, then, that I look back on the year and pick out the highlights of what I read. Since this is a yearly summary I’ve got more than my usual 3 or 4 links to share, so I’ve broken them down by category.


The technologists’ Hippocratic oath
10 Rules of Internet
The Secret War
Android is Better
Not in my house: how Vegas casinos wage a war on cheating


All is Fair in Love and Twitter
The “Breaking Bad” school
Why It’s Time to Ditch Your Office
The surprising reason we have a 40-hour work week (and why we should rethink it)
From Subject Line to Signature: How To Do Work E-mail Right

Lifestyle & Culture

Any given Sunday: inside the chaos and spectacle of the NFL on Fox
Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy
The Pixar Theory
Why The Hell Does Your Drink Cost So Much?


Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito
Please Just Give Him Five
Preferred Chat System