My New Tumblr:

I’ve resurrected my use of Tumblr & will be using it from now on to post items of a more random & informal nature. I’m using it with a new domain: I’ll post things that I think are cool, weird, fascinating, exciting, or anything else I feel like sharing, as well as stuff I’m doing & have encountered.

How is this different from the blog on this site? Think of it like the difference between writing a letter & sending a text. The blog on this site is more of the polished, curated side of my personal content publishing. My Tumblr will be the text message-like side of my stuff, where I post up short, quick things I want to share.

In addition to being able to follow it directly through Tumblr, you’ll also see my Tumblr posts show up on my Twitter feed, Facebook fan page & the RSS feed associated with So if you’re already following me in any of those places then you’ll be seeing my Tumblr stuff automatically.

Update: The address now points to my Google+ profile this site.

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