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I'm Going to Defense Entrepreneurs Forum 2014

Like TED for the military

On Thursday I’m headed to Chicago for this year’s Defense Entrepreneurs Forum. It’s an opportunity for people, military and civilian alike, to come together to present and discuss ideas about how to improve the operations of the nation’s military through innovation.

Okay, that sounds like a lot of PR and jargon. Basically, think of DEF as TED for the military. It’s a chance for smart people to share their good ideas about how to make our armed forces work better. This is the second year the event is being held. I wasn’t in attendance last year, though I got a taste of what DEF is all about earlier this year at the inaugural DEF[x] Annapolis.

I’ll be tweeting throughout the event, so keep an eye on #DEF14 for that. I’ll likely write at least one blog post about the event as well, in case Twitter isn’t your bag.

See you in Chicago!

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