"Celebrate Your Car" Day: 328i Edition!

It’s another “Celebrate Your Car” day here on the blog! This time we’re celebrating all varieties of the BMW 328i. With the first 328i made available in 1994 as an E36 body it’s been a fine member of the 3 series family ever since.

You know the drill: if you’re the proud owner of a 328 of any style or year, post a link to a picture of it in the comments below, and maybe add a description, or even an expression of adoration (we are BMW folks after all, that’s how we roll!) and share the love of this great car.

Full disclosure: this is actually a back-dated post after the initial one that gave me the idea was put up, and I realized it wouldn’t be fair for 328 guys to have to wait a whole 363 days for their celebratory day!

Let’s see those 328s!

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