Case of the "Mondays"

Case-of-the-Mondays Question: Feature Your Car

I missed last week for a Case of the Mondays question, sorry about that. I’m back this week though, so let’s get to it! This week I’ve decided to make the question more personal. What’s your favorite picture of your own BMW?

Everyone loves to show off their cars, let’s be honest. We put a lot of time, money & love into them and we want people to appreciate that. Well, what better group of people than fellow Bimmer enthusiasts? Post up a link to your favorite picture of your very own BMW in the comments. Let’s see those beauties!

Here’s mine:

Natalia in the Field

Ok so it’s not a great picture, but I’ve only had the car for a few months and haven’t gotten a chance to get some good photos of it. However, of the ones I have it’s my favorite.

Let’s see what you’ve got!

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