Cr-48 box

All Cr-48s Have Been Shipped

There have been no definite numbers from Google regarding how many Cr-48s they planned to ship, or when the shipments would end. A tweet from Sundar Pichai a couple of days ago has cleared all of that up, and if you’ve yet to receive one of the test notebooks then you probably won’t like the news.

Still no word on exactly how many Cr-48s were shipped in total, but estimates are around 60,000.

As mentioned in Sundar’s tweet, Chrome OS notebooks will be commercially available this summer. As a recipient of a Cr-48, I can say that I’d definitely be interested in getting another Chrome OS computer. If you’re a student looking for a small laptop to take to class then Chrome OS may be a very viable option.

If you received a Cr-48, let me know your thoughts on it.

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